• Alessandro Daniele, Tommaso Campari, Sagar Malhotra, Luciano Serafini. "Deep Symbolic Learning: Discovering Symbols and Rules from Perceptions" [ArXiv PDF]

  • Tommaso Campari, Leonardo Lamanna, Paolo Traverso, Luciano Serafini, Lamberto Ballan. "Incremental Learning of Reusable Abstract Models for Object Goal Navigation" CVPR2022 [ArXiv PDF]

  • Tommaso Campari, Paolo Eccher, Luciano Serafini, Lamberto Ballan. "Exploiting Scene-specific Features for ObjectGoal Navigation" ACVR2020 ECCV Workshop [ArXiv PDF]


  • Giacomo Greggio (2021): MSc student in Computer Science. "Comparing Multi Object-Goal Navigation Models"

  • Tommaso Sgarbanti (2020): MSc student in Computer Science. "Generation of Localized Descriptions for Video Understanding"

  • Paolo Eccher (2020): MSc student in Computer Science. "Learning-Based Models for Autonomous Visual Navigation"


  • MSc Thesis: "Visual Relationship Detection with image cues" [Slides (In Italian)]

  • BSc Thesis: "Implementation of a Table constraint on a CSP-Solver GPU based" [Slides]

Other Projects

  • Computer Networks Course Project: "A parallel brute force attack GPU based for DES cryptosystem" -- [Code][Slides(In Italian)]

  • Cognitive Services Course Project: "From Object Classification to Caption Generation: a Descriptive Approach" [Slides]